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Piped and Metered (Prepaid) Gas installation for
1. Flats, apartments and rental units
We offer the reticulated gas system solution. A much advanced, safe and convenient LPG system specially designed for the urban residents for their un interrupt usage of gas and with utmost safety.

Over 20 suchapartments have been installed with piped gas.

2.  Commercial buildings (malls)
We have designed this solution for restaurants in malls to eliminate risky usage of LPG cylinders inside of shopping malls.
Metroplex Shopping Mall, Naalya is fitted with such a system.

3.  Estates
Planned Estates have an option to have a gas mains running through the Estate to supply gas to the home owners thereby completing the energy needs puzzle: Electricity, water and ? = gas!

4.  Schools and Institutions science labaratories
Schools science labaratories are connected to a single bulk supply, and meters are optionally provided for each labaratory to ensure supplies are constant (so exams are not interrupted). This was inspired by Kololo Senior Secondary school and we have completed a neat installation at Rafiki Village School, Wakiso.

5.  Single / Stand alone homes (Bungalows)
This is a category we had ignored but due to overwhelming demand, we have designed a solution that mainly deals with safety and supply inefficiencies. A typical home has the gas piped from an outdoor location (garden) and users only needs to worry about gas refills atmost twice a year - a headache that has been taken on by Homegas. No meters are provided though. Over 100 homes in Kampala are installed with piped gas having the cylinders located outdoor.

Download typical proposal from here.

Technical proposal for installation of centralized, piped & metered(prepaid) cooking gas for properties
HomeGas (U) Ltd in collaboration with upstream LPG suppliers and engineers have planned and implemented a safe, centralized and outdoor LPG infrastructure in a number of residential properties in Kampala, and the service is fast becoming a popular feature in well-planned residential areas.

HomeGas installation of a centralised LPG cooking gas relies on bulk refilling and meets International Standard NFPA 58. The solution comprises LPG Process Design and Installation pertaining to the LPG Cylinder cooking ONLY.

 HomeGas Limited has extensively studied LPG distribution requirements and we believe our safe and efficient distribution chain will bring immense benefits to your projects and ensure that your objectives are met. Our projects comprises complete Design and Installation of an LPG facility conforming to the best Standards recommended.
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